About Nicola Lait

I am a personal trainer and nutrition consultant specialising in strength and conditioning and I want to help you to become fitter, stronger and overall more awesome at life!

Born and brought up in Scotland, I moved to New Zealand 5 years ago with my husband looking for a change in lifestyle and to find that elusive work-life balance. Health and fitness had never really been part of my life, so I would not have believed that a few years down the line I would have found a passion for it which would then become my career. I discovered that being strong feels great both physically and mentally and has an impact on so many areas of our lives.

Coming from a corporate background I understand that it can be hard to make fitness a priority, so my goal is to help you integrate this into your life as seamlessly as possible and make it part of your lifestyle.

Having a physiotherapist for a husband, movement quality has always been my focus, both in and out of the gym. I will work with you to establish good movement patterns and proper posture which will not only make your time in the gym more effective, but also help prevent injury and keep you pain-free.

Finding health and fitness has truly changed my life in so many positive ways and my aim is to help you discover the amazing benefits it can bring!